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Hey all!

I just submitted a Game Grumps Animated,  check it out!


Everything else from the last post is still in the works!
I am also considering joing NATA, and have a few ideas to use!


That is all, BYE!


Update Post!

2015-03-12 10:14:33 by FlashStorm

Wall of text talking about my time here:

2015 has not been a very productive year for me thus far. I have many projects I am working on, but can't find the same positivity and optimism back from my younger days when I would make and create stuff without thinking about who'd like them or who'd dislike them. Now as I grew up, I'm realising animation takes real hard work and patience, something I currently have very little of. Many of my past creations have been deleted, except for my artwork, mainly for others to see how far I've come in terms of the art I create. I am grateful for my past, I got to be a fun, drawing loving youngster (Well youngster in my eyes, I could still be a youngster to some of Newgrounds' veteran members) that made things he loves! To this day, I still make things I love and will continue to make things I love. There are things I was making, or helped make, that fell through usually because, as a kid I wanted to try everything. I started out with making cartoons, then I saw flash games and wanted to make my own. But as an ametuer artist, there were very little programmers willing to partner up. So I decided I would learn code, and help some other artist create a game, while making my own. This is how I met LDAF. I offered to code a game with him, but the project ended up going to another coder because I thought I lacked the skills necessary to finish it. I am grateful for the encounter, because he is now one my closest friends. (I say closest even though we only know each other online, hehe.)
I went through many ups and downs, as others do, and I am grateful for them!

Congratulations, if you read that wall of text, here is some internet points! (+3)


Anyway.... PROJECTS!!


Wrath of the Phantom

A series I am starting up, that will have episodes continuing from previous episodes.
The series will have arcs with varying stories (current arc is Phantom Squad(not to self,find synonym for squad))
Casting for the series will be open later, but maybe just for the Squad.
The series as a whole will be very comedic in nature, with various other genres popping up here and there.


(Unofficial title, lol)

Me and LDAF may collaborate on some songs!
I pitched the idea because I sort of wanted to get into singing and I think I've gotten my voice up to where I have a good chance of atleast 1 person saying they like it!
Not much to say about it, it is still in planning.


Storms Crisis 2

Years ago, I made a little cartoon called Storms Crisis. I ended up removing it, but left it on Youtube along with some other old animations with my old account. Click here if you dare.
Ever since the first, I have wanted to make another to demonstrate my growth.
So hopefully that will be out later this year.

Draw with Jazza Art Contest

I plan on entering another Jazza Art Contest, I've been entering as sort of a way to get more into drawing.
I will posting WIPs in the Challenge thread!




Stuff I guess.

2015-03-10 23:31:51 by FlashStorm

This is a pre post for an update post. Please stand by...

Pour some sugar on me

2014-10-31 04:19:22 by FlashStorm

Wrath of the Phantom production has begun and everything is going smoothly. 

I've been doing a lot of things lately, like drawing and setting up some stuff I don't want to get into right now.

See ya!


(small update is small)

Wrath of the Phantom

2013-08-04 04:02:52 by FlashStorm

Hey-- you! Here I am with another update! (Way late I should mention)

So this is just a little update to let you all know that, that thing I mentioned in my last post took way longer then expected and I am sorry, and I am just here to say that, it is now going smoothly, I should be able to work on it now along the coming months!

What it is: This animation (I am hoping the first of a series) will be called "Wrath of the Phantom".
It is basically about a group of people who call themselves Monster Hunters, because, well, in each episode they will be fighting some sort of monster. The basis of the show will employ a dark and comedic atmosphere sometimes even stepping into serious comedy zone.

I will be making more updates as development progresses!
Thank you, and goodbye!

Update 12/20/12

2012-12-20 01:16:57 by FlashStorm

So it's been awhile since I updated this here blog, but as a regular newgrounder, I make posts whenever I feel like it.
So.. To start off, I'd just like to say that I, am planning an animation right now (Its in the planning stages, story boards, writing, etc,) and I hope to get it out sometime next year (if we survive doomsday hurr durr).
So look forward to that, or don't, its not like I care. (I do.)

Also, I know no one will read this, but I am still gonna write my blog for prides sake.
Anyways about the animation, I'll release a new HUGE update next time for it as I dont really have time right now, due to school work.
On a related note, school is going great (heh heh), but really, its taking its toll on me, I hope I can handle it for the next 2 days.
And during break, I'll be able to work on the animation.

Um, ok, thats all, look forward to the animation update.

Happy Summer!

2012-06-28 19:25:29 by FlashStorm

Summer is here and I can kick back and do whatever I want!

Projects Underway!

2012-03-05 19:21:35 by FlashStorm

So here it is, my post of projects and upcomings.
Bunker Busters:

So by now I'd think BunkerBusters would be done, but it's not.
I will be looking for a programmer when the art is presentable.
It went through a lot of changes, and is being made right now. (Not as right now, but you know what I mean)
In case you didn't know, Bunker Busters is a flash game; platformer, beat-em-up, similar to Castle Crashers, Dad'N'Me and Portal Defenders (I know people will compare it to these... hopefully).
It is set to release when its done.
Thank you.

Pico's Mission:

Pico's Mission is a collaborative flash game set up by LDAF , where I am helping speed up the art process, and overall wanted to help out, and am happy LDAF accepted my request.
Anyway I wont post much right now because I don't want to give anything anyway (thats his job), so I will just tell you the basics.
Pico's Mission is basically Pico's city being invaded by this group called BlindEye.
That is all.
Thank you.

And Good Night.


2012-02-08 16:32:04 by FlashStorm

Upcoming post about projects and stuff.
Coming whenever I fell like it!

So after a year of planning and such, BunkerBusters is being made.
If you dont know what BunkerBusters is, it is a SideScrolling Beat'em up.
Graphics are being made, by me, and coding is being done by SpySociety , a friend of mine and music is being done by another friend of mine LDAF .
I wont release any other information yet, because you can go to my other post.
On the other hand, me and spysociety are making a little mini game type game with an idea he came up with with insparation from Goin' Up.
It's called "Jet Rise" and it is a game where you go as high up as you can possibly go.
Oh yeah, there's gonna be enemies, and upgrades.. and maybe even MEDALSS!
You guys like medals right?
On the other other hand, I am doing alright, learning more and more about animation and game design as I go on the road on becoming a successful (I have to say successful so I can feel high and mighty about myself and actually become one, see what I did there?) animator.

Jet Rise, And BunkerBusters Update!